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Overlapped Carousel


The Flat Baggage Carousel - Overlapped type can be used for baggage claim and make-up in the airports. It consists of a supporting steel frame and a moving surface made of plastic plates fixed by crossbars to a chain that slides along central guides. The motion system of the Flat Baggage Carousel, Overlapped type, is placed in the Thrust Unit.

The Thrust unit is based on a gear-motor that runs the Friction Driven system moving forward the chain device.

Plates have a rectangular shape and are installed overlapped. In the curves plates slide one on the other, overlapping more on the inner edges, allowing that the transport path runs along the loop.

Baggage are loaded on the carousel manually or by a conveyor line and transported along the loop Covers confer the aesthetic aspect to the machine and assure the necessary level of safety during its operation.

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