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Selex ES has built over the years multi-domain expertise applied in large-scale transportation projects, also in synergy with other Finmeccanica Group companies. Selex ES is active in the fields of Railway transportation and Road transports, Air and Maritime Traffic Control and in Mass Transit and Traffic Enforcement for large companies and municipalities in Italy and across the world. The above sectors needs are fully satisfied by Selex ES specialized and integrated offer of technologies, equipment, information systems and advanced sensors, leveraging the Competence Centers on Automation, Security, Communications and ICT.

Selex ES supplies the transportation market for automation systems for transport infrastructure, physical security systems to enhance transports reliability and safety and IT solutions to manage the operating processes of intermodal nodes, transport communities and logistics operators.
We provide turnkey telecommunication solutions, from design to installation and maintenance services for road, railway and mass transit environments as well as for Air and Maritime communication needs, such as GSM-R, fibre optic, SDH transport networks, VoIP, Wi-Fi and WiMAX, as well as TETRA-based and satellite-based communication systems, used for voice, data and video and is actively working on the application of wide-band and broadband evolutions of these networks to the transportation sector.

Air Transport

Baggage security and sorting are some of the most important priorities of airport operators. The effectiveness of this service is essential to an airport, since it must grant that luggage are returned to passengers as they arrive. The Net 6000 system - one of the largest Transit Baggage Handling System in Europe - represents the culmination of an innovation process that has drawn on Selex ES’s experience in automation, security and ICT.

Maritime Transport

Solutions for the transportation of goods and people in a maritime-port environment, implying the development of info-telematic platforms with national, regional and local coverage capable of managing activities and services in this sector have been also implemented by Selex ES.

Railway Transport and Mass Transit

Selex ES offers its capabilities to the Railway Transport and Mass Transit market for the creation of turnkey projects, extended and integrated, within automation, security, communication, ticketing and IT spheres. The Company's expertise is the result of a consolidated experience within this sector, thanks to manifold references, such as the underground lines in Rome (line C), Milan (lines 4 and 5), Brescia, Naples (lines 1, 5, 6, linea Alifana), Florence (line 1), Metro Genoa, Riyadh LRT, Copenaghen Cityringen, Taipei Orange line, Singapore NEL & CCL lines, Bangkok Sky Train, Istanbul LRT, and DOTE systems for Italian High Speed railway lines.

Road Transport

A sustainable transport system in today environmental-conscious society, requires an integrated approach that optimises the performance of individual means of transport and their interplay with other modes of transport. Sustainable town planning must support this process. Sustainable goods transport must optimize the usage of infrastructures while minimizing pollutions and congestions.


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